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Castle Of Dreams (The Rise And Fall)

Oh, I built my castle of dreams,
where I believed we could live in.
Oh, I'm such a fool!

Coz you, you, you
you had your own dreams, and they did not include me.
But I was so afraid that it could end
that I didn't even realized we never got started.

Soon I saw my castle crashing down
when you threw the words I'll never stand.
Oh, I am so innocent!
I thought that it could be love...

But you, you, you
you never saw I was completely in love.
You lighted my way, but your light blinded me,
and I didn't see what it really meant.

And now my heart is broken.
My dreams are all in pieces.
And it was not even your fault...
Oh, I dreamt this alone!

Love built me up.
Love put me down.
I am down now.

(Júlio B.)