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Almost Lunatic

Is it the moon shining over me?
Or is it just my colorful clothes?
I prefer the shining colors.

If you're thinking that I'm crazy,
yeah, you can be right!
Actually, you're probably right.

My ground is under men's sight.
If it's unbelievable, then I'm going through!
I'm doing all the things a subterranean boy can do!

But my passions are still up there,
where the moon is the queen!
And if you sleep all day,
the night will be much longer!
The sky, at night, is dark and starred.

I'm taking a ride in a falling star,
I am all wishes.
In the cold dawn, so, so late,
I close my eyes,
nobody holds me tight,
and I dream alone under the moonlight!
I think I'm lunar superstar!

(Júlio B.)