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A Song For A Fetish

You think you are a freak,
so you never show your real face,
your real liking.

You think you're gonna die
if someone realize your inner oddity,
your little lies.

But you lie whenever you need
to protect your fetish...
Do you think it's gonna work?

You never let anyone know
where you are going,
what you are feeling,
you're such a loner!

You think you're such a freak,
but it's just bullshit.
Don't be so fool.

You can't live all by yourself!
You need a listener,
you need to talk about it.
Please, don't create a myth
over this.

Don't mystify,
don't mystify.

Don't create a myth
over this.

It's just a piece,
it's not all that you are.

(Júlio B.)