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An E-Mail Saved My Life

In the next lonely cruise to the center of myself,
I shall remember to first contact my destination,
to make it easier to read the map and find the "x"
under where I think that is my treasure's location.

Yeah, I think it's a treasure what I have found,
which thrills me, thrills me, and turns me around.
It's like the coolest dialogues of my dreams,
it's like the movies, the books, I float upstream.

Because now I work out better, I got the feeling,
I can spend ages here, under these poetic ceilings.
And if I still haven't love, I'm planning a reaction!
I'm comfortable and staring at a hopeful direction.

In my next cosmic journey to find my translation,
I shall remember to first contact my destination,
just like I did last time!

Now I lay back and enjoy the show, and smile satisfied.
The song of my heartbeats ends with a fade out inside...
An e-mail saved my life!

(Júlio B.)