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Angle Brackets

I thought it was a dream but it was just a tag.
I thought it was a jelly pool but it was the reality.
A schizo boy screamed me loud: "nobody will ever love you, asshole!",
well, I thought it was a joke...
And I'm still waiting for the saving tweak.

Where were you all this time I've been looking for you?
Why didn't you come and give me your love?
How dared you not exist while I was crying in pain?
What's wrong with me?
I'm sure I'm not less than these stupid plastic ones.
I thought it was my time.

Maybe the song has been for another lonely dreamer.
I've been out of topic for so long.
I've spent my time excessively in silence.
Maybe a green boy invite me for a dance...
Or is it another desperate fantasy?
For a minute here, I thought it was real.
I have my own point of view.

Should I be dead?
If I am sad, should I pretend another feeling?
Don't worry, I'm not really thinking about giving up.
I thought I was damned fucked but it was just a nightmare.
Here, it's where I start to stand up and give the finger.
These meaningless things are wearing me out.

I need to be strong and keep my mind sober.
I need to keep my correct angle of being!
I know that my thoughts are disconnected now,
that I am dislocated, but I have to deal with this.
I'm sure I'm greater than these blind rules.

I thought you were a prince.
A prince charming.
I thought you should exist,
I dreamt of you coming...
To love me...
But it is so ridiculous.

(Júlio B.)