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Land Of Flying Dreamers

I will be happy before the end of this story,
and in the land of thousand dreams I will be flying.
I'll touch the sky, lie on the clouds, I'll be in my glory.
Dancing in the starlight, no loneliness, no fear, no crying...

I will be happy and I'll make it last forever and ever.
It sounds utopian, yes, I know, but I'm a dreamer!
And what else could I be?

I don't wanna save the world.
I don't wanna be on top.
I just wanna taste happiness
as soon as I get my wings and start to fly.

I will find love, requited love, before the goodbyes,
and in the reign where love is rule I will be kissed.
I'll fly with birds, and butterflies, sing lullabies.
I'll jump from hills, and waterfalls, it'll be a long list...

I will be loved and I'll make it last forever and ever.
It sounds pretentious and they say I'll fall for certain,
but I don't believe so.

I don't wanna declare war,
but I will fight for all my dreams.
I just wanna take a taste of love
as soon as I meet another dreamer and start to try.

(Júlio B.)