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Everything Comes To An End

I'm feeling such a loser now.
I've been losing along the way,
nothing too special so far,
but I know I will.
Everything comes to an end.
The half full or half empty glass
will run out of water in the end.
The world too.
The pantry will run out of food.
Cars will run out of fuel.
The world too.
The trees will die.
Every single human being.
Everything comes to an end.
The ones I love.
Parents, siblings, nephews, friends, lovers.
Dreams, desires...
All the artworks,
paintings, sculptures, songs, stories...
Everything will disappear someday.
The whole universe.
And me.

It's nothing new, I know.
And it's not a big deal though.
Even this loser state of mind will come to an end.
I hope very soon.

(Júlio B.)