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Confidence Break

Really, supposed owner?
Do you really think there was a confidence break?
Before that there should have been any confidence at all.

You were never a leader.
You were never a friend.
You were never worthy of trust.
You were never worthy of anything.
You fell down there with parachutes.
You didn't learn anything.
You still have less knowlegde than everybody.
You cannot produce a single thing.
Not even motivating the ones who can.
You're just a big piece of sheet.
A homophobic rightwinged sheet.
You're stupid.
You're lost.
You don't know what you're doing.
You're insecure.
You're in despair.
You're shaking like a leaf.
Then you put the blame on me.
Put the blame on the confidence break, idiot.
Are you safe now?

(Júlio B.)