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Put Your Mind Out Of Here

There is a lack of definitions
in this gold rush around you.
Fool's gold, by the way.

Don't push it any further.

Your body needs to be here,
but not your mind.
Just let it out.
Think somewhere else.

Les Misarables.
Sebastian Melmoth.
Ah, Oscar!
Paris is burning!

And you?
What are you doing?
What are you doing with your life, boy?
Paris is burning!
And you?

Julio Verne's work is known worldwide,
and what about yours, Júlio B.?

Remember your night awake at Champ de Mars...
It was not a Goddard movie.
Not even a Woddy Allen.
Think of Midnight in Paris.
Compare with your own life.
Where is your environment?
The intellectuals?

Your body is stuck in here.
Not your mind.
Think better.

(Júlio B.)