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Dare A Venture Instead

Hold on, my friend, hold on
when things get heavier than you can stand.
You don't need to stand it on your own,
just call me and I will give you a hand.

So, my friend, hold on.
You're not alone.
You can count on me to go on.

Please, don't give up on your dreams.
Life is not as bad as by now as it may seem.
Hold on, don't give up on anything.
Tomorrow the birds will sing.

So hold on, my beautiful friend,
the sun always rises after the darkness.
If you're broken, we can make amends
and keep pursuiting happiness.

Hold on for a while,
life is worthwhile,
c'mon, please, now give me a smile.

Please, don't believe anything
coming from someone who says you are nothing.
This kind of envious people are always around,
when they see you up they try to put you down.

Coz they know for sure
you are so much more.
You can be anything you wish for.

Hold on, my friend, it's not the end.
So hold on, my friend, hold on.

Hold on, hold on.

So hold on, my friend with a scar,
you are strong enough to resist
through hardships to the stars.
Let's find new bracelets to your fists.

(Júlio B.)