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The Perfect Fit

You are my perfect fit.

I am so oblique...
You hooked me by the heart.

I have this fever...
You have your own fire to deal with it.
And what a fire!

Yes, you are my perfect fit,
my perfect saviour.

I was so sick and lost...
You offered me a healthy direction.

I was so addicted...
Your love detoxified my mind.

I was bleeding,
I was such a freak in need of a tourniquet.
And then you came back -
my perfect fit! -
to stanch the hemorrhage of time,
of life, of effort, of dignity,
of the best parts of me.

Your love have healed me,
now I just can't live without it.
Our beds are hot as can be!

You are the perfect fit...
You are the perfect fit for me.

(Júlio B.)