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Oh, Love of Mine, Would You Condescend to Help Me Cause I Am Stupid and Blind?

I was surprised I was happy for so many years.
I met a wise boy in a nursing school
and then I learn my biggest lesson.

I was puzzled by a dream.
He fell in love with me.
I was so touched, I wasn't used to be loved,
but I was with someone else by the time,
someone else who was in love with me too.

There was too much love coming from them.
And I didn't want to hurt them,
but I didn't want to let them go.

I could take all my guilt and wrote a pocket novel
called "The Unbelievable State I Was In",
but both of them know this story better than me,
because I'm stupid and blind.

I gave myself to one,
I gave myself to another,
I was there and back again...
The state that I was in.

But through the years each love evolves to a diffent direction.
The first boy I was with... he becomes my best friend, my brother.
So, I asked the boy from the nursing school to marry me,
but he was then in dentitry college, and with someone else.
There was a pregnant pause before he said... no.
Oh, I sank deep, spending my days turning tables in my mind.

Oh love of mine, would you condescend to help me?
Because I'm in desperation, now I'm feeling dangerous,
riding on my car for a hobby is sad!
Why don't you lead me to a living end?
I promised that everything will be different.

I gave myself to you,
I gave myself to pain.
You are there, but you can come back again.
What's the state that will we be in?

(Júlio B.)