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Try (To Get You Back)

You read my poems.
You know I always try.
And I will try (to get you back).
I will never give up.

I know I should have tried before.
But what can I do now?

I know I have to wait.
I'm waiting.
I will wait as long as it's needed.

Right now, I'm not really trying (to get you back),
I'm just trying not to break in pieces...

And I think I'm doing well,
especially because you have helped me.

Of course the one I chose to share my life,
the rest of my life,
would have such generosity!

I am very thankful
and I want you to know
that I believe in us...
And when it's time,
I will try (to get you back).

I will try by changing myself, not by begging.
I will try by being better, not by crawling.
I will try by being honest with you, not by little games.
I will try by respecting your time, not by pushing it.

But I will try, Little Jojo.
I will try.

(Júlio B.)