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The Past Never Comes Back

Ahead, it's always ahead.
Don't you ever turn back your head.
The past will never come back,
keep movin' ahead on your track.

If it looks just like the same,
check the date, it has a new name.
Even if the way is known,
it's a new step on the old stone.

Don't get so impressed, my dear,
if someone of your past appears.
It won't be the same it was,
the things have changed in this pause.

But don't think that I'm a jerk,
I'm not saying that it can't work.
Maybe it works even better,
of course what happened before matters,

but to make it work again,
keep this advice safe in your brain:
relations don't stand on past,
so, in the present, do your best.

(Júlio B.)