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The Movie Says: "The Past Ain't Through With Us"

I didn't refuse to let them go,
or I just had no choice, whatever...
They went away,
and I won't have frogs raining over me.

But even if we can forget the past,
the past will find a way to remind us of our scars.

There they are again.
Many years after...
Few extra pounds...
Will I talk to them?

To try to bring them to the present
or to let them buried in the past:
that was my question.

I chose to go on.
I always did.
Everything is forgiven.
I have found out what I was looking for,
there no need to bring back the corpses.

Well, sometimes I listen to the songs
and they teleport me to a higher level of feelings
where everything is much more poetic, intense,
enlightened, rhythmic, profound...
And that's good enough.
I don't want more than I need.

(Júlio B.)