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Rupaul started it with Flowers,
then Pandora open the box's door,
ruvealing the sickening hours -
quoth the Raven "nevermore".

They grew like fierce Heathers,
boogying like Gemini tweedles,
dressing sequins and feathers,
the royalty sharing Needles.

The zombie rupaulcalypse came,
and nothing's the same anymore,
fishness, gender, snatch game...
I got Raven more and more.

Then they came and formed cliques,
trying to beat the Monsoon season.
Really, queens? Bully the weak?
I Adore you for opposite reasons.

No T, no shade, no bitter brigade
attacking Violet perfect sides.
I prefer the game well played,
and the Acid Orgy it provides.

Silence! Bring back Ru's girls,
coz they work'd to be superstars!
Russian, Alaskan, with backrolls,
always and forever in our memoirs.

(Júlio B.)