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The Sun In The Horizon

It's dark in here, and cold,
and everything is growing old.
Time never makes a concession,
that's why I'll make my confession:

I used to wait for the sunshine
wishing everything would be fine.
And one day the sun did rise
and brougth light to my eyes.

It took a long time to come,
but it came, and I got numb.
I bit more than I could chew,
that clarity was something new.

The sunshine came and even so
things weren't fine, and I know
I shouldn't have been only waiting,
and I just wasn't, I was skating...

But I may have skated too much,
I should have minded the clutch.
In broad daylight, I had a fall,
of course I couldn't stand it all.

And soon the sunshine goes away
into this cold darkness of my way.
It's cold, and dark, as I said,
and I probably should go to bed...

But I won't, I write poetry at dawn,
I just start and it goes on and on.
The sun in the horizon, it'll come,
I'm pretty sure it won't be long.

(Júlio B.)