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Water Off A Duck's Back

Believe me, I won't let it get under my skin,
it doesn't matter if I'll lose or if I'll win,
it's not a competition, it's all about talent,
about doing my work, being fierce, and gallant.

It makes no difference if you like it or not,
I'll keep doing my things, and I do them a lot.
You can throw your shades at me, I won't crack,
it'll roll off me like water off a duck's back.

Yes, spit all your poisoned judgements at me,
I didn't ask you any opinion, but you are free,
so criticize as you want, I know best my art!

And I just will keep doing it with all my heart,
with all the pain and pleasure also in the pack.
Water off a duck's back! Water off a duck's back!

(Júlio B.)