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The Tricks Of Winning (Without Let Them Know You Are Winning)

Don't show your goal.
Foment the circumstances.
Invent an excuse
to make them think
you want something else,
something reasonable,
and go for it!
And let them realize it.
That's the first trick:
let them think they know your game,
they know what you're after.
Let them see the opportunity
to take advantage of your situation.
Let them do it.
You can pretend you resist to this,
but not that much.
That's the second and greater trick:
while they're thinking
they're taking advantage of you,
they will give you
exactly what you want.
Of course it can be very hard
to disguise your real goal
as a losing thing,
but I didn't said it was easy
to do these tricks.
So, play the fool.
Lose the fake goal.
Let them thinking they're winning.
Don't carry the weight of being a winner,
and, even so, get what you want.

(Júlio B.)