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Oh, Get Me Away From Here I'm Dying Too

Let me tell you a story about a boy
that is just like me,
so criative,
but so naive,
he can do a lot of things,
but works with something
that bores him to death.

When the loads aren't heavy,
he just forgets about it,
but when things blow on his face,
he uses to scream melodically
inside his head:
"oh, get me away from here, I'm dying",
quoting one of his favorite bands.

Well, thinking of it this way,
as if it's the story of another boy,
I can say how much stupid he is,
and numb, and accommodated,
and I want deeply to scream to him back
a song that I still will compose,
which will start like this:
"oh, get yourself out of there, boy".

Into the windows of my escapes,
they'll never know the mess I write.
I could kill this boy sure,
but I only make him cry with these words.

(Júlio B.)