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Thank You, Alanis

Dear Alanis,
I learned with you a lot
when I was a broke and poor teenage
with my sweater on backwards,
losing weight and counting sheeps in vain.
You were such a guardian angel for me.

Dear Alanis,
I lived the ironies myself,
I felt the jagged little pressure for being perfect,
I cried cosmic tears for the times I was uninvited,
I really fell head over feet,
but I heard your songs with complicated words
coming up around the bend
and it made me stand up and move fast forwards (to the rays).

Dear Alanis,
it's all forgiven, I just let it go,
the conflicts, the craziness, the pretensions,
we are temporary arrangements anyway, aren't we?
And that was the moment I finally touched down.
I probably gained ten pounds, and I am loved,
I met the man of my dreams (an unmarried one).
All I really want is that everything gets quite alright.

Dear Alanis,
I want you to know that I am happy,
that I would be good even if I lost everything,
because this happiness is an intrinsic part of me,
you can see it in the star I threw to you on the stage,
and your bassist told me that you got it.

(Júlio B.)