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Red Lighted Week

Sure I would prefer to be doing something funnier,
but I have to stand here to pretend that I really care
with what's being shown under these agonizing red lights,
because it's what pays my bills and supports my whims.
Sure I'd like to sleep more than three hours per night,
but, in this case, when was I supposed to fulfill my needs?
I work under these red lights from 8 a.m. to midnight,
I just come home, take a shower, eat something,
watch some Rock in Rio's shows in television to unwind,
and then it's time to go out to meet the creatures of night,
because they're the only ones who could accept my deals.
I just have to mind coming back home before the sun rises
to sleep a little, wake up late, dress the red light clothes,
and put these very uncomfortable shoes on my feet
that will have to stand all day here, where I can't sit,
trying my best to survive, hoping that these red lights
are enough to disguise the dark circles under my eyes.

(Júlio B.)