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Cartoon Marathon

I was feeling stuck over the days
in which I had no time for cartoons.
Cartoons and that old games.
And they all came at the same day.

I starded playing Mario.
I played it all night long.
It's not that great, but there's something in it that I really like.

I had just stopped to play Mario when Johnny Bravo appeared in scene.
It was scheduled, of course, but I hadn't time to clean up the mess.
Anyway, his cartoon is too short.

I had just turned off the TV and Tweety called me.
I think he tawt he taw a putty tat... Yeah, he did!
He said he just wanted to see me... For what?
Oh, I should have predicted...

Jonny Quest came later.
In fact, I went to take him,
but it was very worthy.
Sometimes, I really think he could be the only one.

(Júlio B.)