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Adult Induction

So that's how I become an adult,
watching Dragon Ball till late at night,
collecting bubble gum's stickers,
sleeping with Goku and Krillin every night
when they were still kids.

That's how I become an adult,
reading Saint Seya's manga,
and wearing a Shiryu's t-shirt,
pretending I'm blind,
pretending I'm being induced to become an adult,
letting the others do the adult things for me.

So that's how I become an adult,
I have nephews and nieces, and godchildren,
and I love them, and I can be their favorite person,
but I will never have a son.

That's how I will end,
in a car, in a farm, in a apartment,

While everyone is talking about money,
I talk about Trunks, and fly instead.
Anyway, Goku will keep smiling in my bed.

(Júlio B.)