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Kind Heart

That's my nature,
and I totally respect myself like this.
I'm delicated, and I like the beauty in words,
in my words.
I like the cult things you hate.
I talk with my hands,
and I sit with my feet like an emo girl.
I say please, I say thanks, I say sorry.
I say "I want you" when I want you,
and I say "I'm suffering" when you say no,
and I say it right to you.
To whom else I was supposed to say?

If there's one thing that I learned when I was at school
it was never let anyone make me feel like a freak
for being smart,
for being polite.

I'm ok with my qualities and defects,
with my participation in this story.
But you, little ogre,
you should have been nicer to me.

(Júlio B.)