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Who did burndown this overrated roadmap?
Who had the expectation that it could be my focus?
Who did think I would embrace an imposed priority?
Who did consider I would accept such a raw workflow?
Who had hopes that I'd swallow this "less is more" thing?
Who did the supposition I don't have an independent vision?

Can't you see the world is bigger and sprints at high speed?
Can't you see outside the box? Can't you go deep?
Can't you think without following a done process?
Can't you be at any risk? Can't you release your mind?
Can't you be agile? Can't you stop analysing too much?
Can't you see your self-help mantra is an epic cliche?

I am not a product of your system or doctrinaire books.
I have no dependency of your revision or feedback.
I don't agree with your definition or ready values.
I am not under your inspection, I'm not your warrior.
I need no adaptation to your methods, I'm not your feature.
I have my own rythm and interests in creative tasks.

Do you wanna come to my birthday party? We'll play cards.
Do you like poker? Do you like to sing cartoons' themes?
Do you like old games? Atari, Master, or Mega? Press reset.
Do you watch The Big Bang Theory? Japanese animes?
Do you hide relative secrets as a factor surprise?
Do you tell stories of happiness open to improvement?

(Júlio B.)