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You're clean, baby, you're clean.
Now you can turn this page
and finally go to the next scene.
You're not stuck in any cage.

You never were reckless at all,
but wherever a risk can be seen,
there's a fear upon the wall.
But, no, clean as a virgin queen.

You're clean, baby, gene by gene,
and this is such a great result!
You're clean as the chin of a teen!
It worth every little consult.

You're worried about your craziness,
your faults and everything in between.
Stuck in your lust and emptiness,
you thought you're a drowing submarine.

But despite everything, you're clean.
Your blood is still pure and red,
your lung's pink, your mind's green.
Now you can lay down relieved in bed.

You're clean as a hound's tooth,
and you need to feel this way, I mean,
you needed to know the truth:
you're clean, baby, you're clean.

(Júlio B.)