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The Hunting Days Are Over

They have the exact time to be hunted.
The exact season of their lives,
of the year, of the month...
Sometimes, even of the day.

And it's hard to find them.
You have to be in the right place,
in the right time,
and with the right approach.

I use to lose most of them,
and, believe me, I'm not a freshman.
I may even have learned something
about their habits, their idiosyncrasy,
but I can't say I know how to get them.
In the end, still it's luck.

Of course I know that luck is more kind
to the hard-working ones,
and that's what I have tried to do all my life,
but now I just realized
that my body can't stand these hard huntings anymore.
I'm getting older, and that's the natural ending.

My hunting days are over.
I came from so far just to find this out,
to realize that in here, in this jungle,
there's no place for someone like me anymore.

I still can find the same old preys,
but they're becoming out of time,
just like me.

Things are changed,
it's another world, another time.
The hunting days are over...

The hunting days are over... here.
I said nothing about the beautiful horizon
that I'm going back to.

(Júlio B.)