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No Background

I started by myself,
but somewhere in my way I started to suspect that I was lost,
and that I was in need of an environment.

Then I started to create one, and it was hard,
and it made me lose myself even more,
however in the end I got what I wanted.

Then I started to feel uncomfortable with the environment I was in,
to feel censored, under pressure, unproductive.
I was still lost, but it was worse than before.

Then I started to suspect that I was wrong about my needs,
and all that I needed was doing by myself what I always did.

Then I started to go back the long way I have coursed until here,
and it was ok.
It felt good to be this way again,
it was like those identity's clichés.

Now, there's no background spying me.
Oh, dear reader, how can I stand living without this?

(Júlio B.)