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The Ballad Of A Tin Man

I'll try until the end
to find a heart for me.
No matter the brick road,
or how hard it can be.
Inside, I'm sure I'll find
a smile to set me free.

I am not rusty yet,
I have much to pursue,
sometimes I can get lost,
but I can chase any clue
to find what I look for,
to get a heart anew.

I have to hurry now
to get myself some thrill,
the clock is ticking fast,
I have no time to chill.
I will fight for a heart,
for every single will.

Some might want to be brave,
some might want to get smart,
some might want to go home,
some not to fall apart,
I just want to live for real!
If I only had a heart...

(Júlio B.)