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5.000 Miles Away

Deep down, I'm such a push over!
You disappear for ages
and after you come back as if nothing had happenned,
cause you know I won't complain,
I will accept anything you do.

You talk loads of your own highlights,
with no point, just for kicks,
and I listen to you carefully,
when I am the one who's in need to talk
about this unbalanced situation.

You have your own timezone,
and I change all my schedules
to get adapted to it.
You have your secret limits,
and you will never cross them,
and I just can be here waiting...

Would you do the same for me?
Would you make my dream come true?

And when I think we are finally going to settle down,
you disappear again,
somewhere much further
than the usual 5000 miles away.

(Júlio B.)