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Sleeping Life

Tiptoe into my room without knocking in the middle of the night.
Whisper my name as if you were a ghost.
Snap your fingers the closest of my ears that you can.
Make your loudest finger noise.
Pinch me.
If, even so, I don't wake up, slap me in the face.
Do it with all your strength, if necessary.
Do anything.
If nothing works, why don't you rape me?
Scratch my skin, break my bones,
punch my stomach, cut my wrists.
If yet I don't open my eyes, stab them with your nails.
Kiss me until my lips bleed.
Lay down by my side on the sheets of blood
and then sleep with me.
Tiptoe into my dreams without knocking.
Take my hand tight and drag me back to life.
Be there with a smile when I wake.

(Júlio B.)