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What if we could start by breaking our hearts?
Could we avoid what eventually would tear us apart?
All the infatuated illusions that we had,
could we get rid of the traps we built in our heads?

And if we had started like that,
what would possibly come next?
Could we recover the feeling we lost?
Could we walk again on the line we crossed?

I knew we were going to drown...
But when it all came down,
I didn't know what to do,
and neither did you.

If we could change our minds,
could we find a way to make it work out?
If we could leave it all behind...
I know, we just can't, I'm only thinking out loud.

So useless to think about a different past,
but what if the train was coming fast
and one of us was tied to the track,
would the other make the time turn back?

(Júlio B.)