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Striped Hyena

I'm not a coward, I'm a hunter.
But, yes, I'm a scavenger.
I eat fear, I eat poverty,
I eat the lack of possibility.
I hunt at slums and landfills.
I feed myself with carrions of aborted dreams.
But it's not cowardice,
it's what I need to do to survive,
and it's so hard to find the fresh meat I need,
I have to eat a lot of bones to get some beef
that this apex predatory system left behind.
I'm a striped hyena,
my nature is solitary, I have no group,
I hunt all by myself, unprotected,
wandering through the more dangerous jungles you can imagine,
facing the wildest beasts you'll never know,
risking my life in so many ways,
looking for something to feed my soul.
It's easy to call me coward
when you can buy the food you need
in an acceptable shelf of a society.
I wish I could see you having to fight to death,
alone, for your next meal.
You put hyenas as the villains of your movies...
Oh, how dignified and admirable the lions are!
But I am the one who laughs when they go out
and leave their offspring home alone.

(Júlio B.)