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No Plans

I don't have plans for my future.
I don't have the ambitions I should have.
What am I going to be?
How am I going to end up?
I don't care, I really don't care.
I just want to get out of here,
I want to breathe.
I'm not worried about safety,
I only ask myself why am I not doing the things I really want?
Again, I'm here selling my time for money.
Again, I want to hit my head against these walls,
I want to crack, I want to bleed...
To purify me, to set me free.
What am I doing?
It's my life, my only life, my only time,
I can't spend it with capitalist bullshits like these.
I'm not young anymore.
If I don't make my dreams come true now,
when will I make it?
Where there is a will there should be a way, right?
It's me,
it's my mind that's aching.
It's my heart that's still beating with his incurable hope.
I don't believe in any promise,
I don't believe in any comfort.
I don't believe in plans for future,
I just believe in my will,
and I'll try the hardest I can to make it real.
I don't have plans for my future,
moreover, I have no fear of it.

(Júlio B.)