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Meeting Flávia

I had never felt so unprotected in my whole life
as I did minutes before meeting you
on the other side of that dividing line
that used to keep our dreams apart,
and hurts so many hearts...

When I crossed that door
and saw you there, waiting for me,
was like crushing years of missing
just in a glimpse.

I learned to fly, I crossed the sea,
I faced the checkpoints and, believe me,
it was nothing compared to you.

I had never felt so protected in my whole life
as I did by your side,
and I wish so hard that could last forever.
But everything must pass,
everything was so fast.

I just want you to know
that any second with you
it's much, much, much better
than a steady lifetime without you.

You are the one who makes me believe,
who makes me create, makes me go on,
who makes me find a way home.
You are the best part of all I have.

(Júlio B.)