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London Cult Boys

Plato must have felt himself the way I do now,
seeing the ideal beauty of the Greeks
talking about intellectual subjects with older people.
Oh, London cult boys, how true you are!
How cultured, and simple, and gentle, and beautiful!
And you don't lose yourselves trying to be something you are not.
You are just the way you are,
the perfect combination between modesty and self-worth,
between culture and modernity.
You surprise me positively all the time!
You are so young to know all these things you are talking about,
where have I been while you became so smart?
Being here now is enlightening to me,
inside this english basement,
watching this modest play adapted from a luxurious romance,
you are my desire, my taste, my dream, my truth.
If I had a second chance, I wish I was like you.

(Júlio B.)