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The Fabulous Beatles

John met Paul after his show,
and what came next everybody knows.
Yes, yes, they changed the world,
the pop music, the pop culture,
the pop future,
the behavior of their generation,
nothing is the same after them...
Yes, yes, I already know it all.
Now, tell me something new about the Beatles.
I can feel that there's something new.
Here, in Liverpool, fifty years later,
I can feel it in the air, I still can live it.
Ringo doesn't beat his drums here anymore,
George doesn't play his magical guitar,
but the feeling is still here,
the feeling of something brand new,
and it's not a Lennon/McCartney's song, not anymore.
John is dead, a dead legend, ashes in a jar beside Yoko's bed.
Paul lives in London as Sir McCartney, a vegetarian activist.
But here, in these old streets,
Matthew Street, White Chapel, Church Street,
here there's something that makes me think about the future.
In these pubs, this Cavern, these Beatles stores, Beatles tourism,
here there's something restless, further than commercialized.
At the edges of these docks, still there is an alternative way,
alternative to factories and offices,
there's something artistic,
even though nowadays everyone says art is only throwing paint in a sheet.
Here, I can see what it means to me.
Here, I can think about this difference.
Again, they show me something beautiful and new.
There is something fabulous around me now.
They still are The Beatles.

(Júlio B.)