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Introducing The Sad Clowns Band

Ladies and gentlemen:

We are the clowns whose hearts are broken,
what we have spoken is from behind a mask.
We take our grief and call it art,
we're torn apart, but stand to end our task.
We act like fools to entertain you,
if your claps are true, for what else could we ask?

Ladies and gentlemen:

We have to make people glad,
although inside we are sad.
There's no irony here:
crying or laughing, you can shed a tear.

Ladies and gentlemen:

We are the zanies of modern sorrow,
come back tomorrow, you can throw us tarts.
It doesn't matter if we break a bone,
the show must go on, we have to play our parts.
We stand ourselves in the circus ring
and then we sing our songs of broken hearts.

(Júlio B.)