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Facing The Lions

You can call me whenever you wish
to roar your threats so selfish,
to spit at me your bullshit,
and I have to swallow without complaint
coz I'm the weakest link in the chain.

You can tell your little lies,
but we can't, right?
You can read our mail,
and check every little detail,
i'm just not allowed to fail.

If somebody else goes wrong, it's ok,
everybody makes mistakes, you say,
but if I do, oh, how I'm sinful!
And you will have an excellent excuse
to finish me off, won't you?

You can believe in what you believe,
but we're naive,
we're blind, we can't conceive
the truth in your mind,
but you know how to retrieve us,
and show us the light.

You own the meaning of love,
you know it and all above,
and we don't fit in it.
It would be better if I quit
otherwise I'll face the power of your hit.

Well, here in the jungle, you can be the king.
As long as you're stronger, you can keep roaring.
You are the apex predator, the keystone,
it's easy, isn't it, fighting from a throne?
But I am still here facing you alone,
if it's not love, man, why am I goin' on?

(Júlio B.)