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See, It's Beautiful!

Open your eyes, boy,
and see that something new is happening out there
now that you met him,
someone who really knows you and even so loves you.

Open your eyes now,
and see the difference it makes:
when you are changed, the world is changed,
you're not the same, you look much better now.

Then go out there, and show your smile,
I've always wanted to see you smiling.
You've worked hard, your entire life, on it.

So say it's love! Oh, boy, it's love!
Don't be afraid... What're you afraid of?
Of getting hurt? Of falling down?

Don't keep your feet safe on the ground,
just go for it, who's safe and sound?
If you fall apart, if you break your heart,
it's not going to be the first time, isn't it?

But this time, believe, it's different,
you're different, he's different,
everything is much more beautiful, see!

There is something new really happening here.
Open your eyes and see: it's real!

But the plans are not done.
The hardest part is not gone.
Your pursuit will ever go on,
it's just that now you're not alone.

The dream has just begun.

(Júlio B.)