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Flash Flood Area

Emptiness is just a point of view.
Desolation is not something new,
i've already got an overflow of this,
a torrent of lonely times I don't miss,
rushing streams of muddy frustrations,
such a turbulence of blank sensations.

Loneliness is just a hard situation,
mainly when you are catching elations.
Abruptly, my bed becomes full of thoughts,
it's just me wrecking on the same spot,
trying to kill tediousness with my shots
full of pain and desires of something hot.

Sadness is being in a cruel desert, alone.
This dryness atrophies my veins one by one,
drying up in silence and aborting feelings,
dying slowly in dry weather for no meaning,
the lack of loving blood through my heart,
it deluges in a minute and tears me apart.

(Júlio B.)