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Clock Card

It will be a long afternoon,
too many things to do but none is really mine,
and I have no disposition to put my energy on them.
I'd never stop my brain of fantasizing
in order to computing someone else numbers.
In my fantasies there are pianists,
jazz bands, romance, smart minds,
well-constructed dialogues, boyfriends...
While here, in my unfortunate reality,
there are formularies, documents,
management, assignments, resentment,
hypocrisy, competition, submission,
and everything in the end is about money...
And they expect that I stand it all,
but I don't... I escape,
though there are control mechanisms,
and rendering of accounts.
I flee away into my imagination,
where there's no censure or control.
The minutes run frenetically,
but the afternoon had just begun...
Yeah, it will be a long day in my brain.

Having to pay my bills, I keep burning days
in these hard periods when I count time in weeks.

(Júlio B.)