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(Let Me Get) Across The Expectations

Why does my kind heart feel so much uptight?
Why does my sharp mind feel so sick and tired?
Why don't my fast eyes open up in time?
Why in the quiet night don't I sleep tight?

I just get nightmares, and wake in my despair.
Hi, is anybody there? I guess nobody cares.
I know it's in vain I call from these heights I fall.
It's hard to climb this wall, it's hard to stand it all.

All afflictions I've had are going to drive me mad.
Late at night in my bed I get voices in my head
telling me there're billions of feet walking down the street,
I get burned by this heat: who will I meet?

Meeting a love is self-defense, my never-ending suspense.
When everything is hard and tense, and nothing else makes sense,
I guess it's not done yet, I've still too much to bet,
in this real game I met, everyday is a new set.

At last, despite all regret, despite my heart's upset,
there's something I still expect to get, and this I won't forget.

(Júlio B.)