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She Gave Me Grapes

She had nothing,
absolutely nothing,
just her misery...
And she offered grapes to me.

She had bad mood,
always angry and fighting
with her family.
But she was gentle with me.

She has afflictions,
and alcohol addiction.
She drank rum like tea,
but didn't drink in front of me.

She let me enter
into her house like a mentor.
It seemed a little haunted,
but she gave me what I wanted.

She gave me grapes.
She gave me moon shapes.
She gave me angel wires,
her sun to set on fire.

She was so poor!
But it was force majeure:
she couldn't say no,
and she gave me grapes so.

I was so cruel,
acting like a ghoul,
eating poverty,
and she offered grapes to me.

I went insane
by taking advantage
of people in need,
who gave me grapes to feed.

She was a strict mom,
made her son fear to bone,
I could feel his shake,
but to me she offered grapes.

I had no escape,
I just had to take
what she gave me to shape
(that I wanted more than grapes).

(Júlio B.)