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The Bitter Taste Of Freedom

I'm free!
Suddenly I see...
I'm free because I'm not a genius,
i'm not even as smart as they think I am.
I made mistakes all the way long,
i'm still doing a lot even now,
and it's ok.
I'm free from the responsibility of being right.
I'm tired of this pressure.
I'm just trying,
i'm just believing.
I'm free to go out tonight,
to flirt with anyone I want.
I'm even free to go on with this stupid catching of love.
Love is not a butterfly that can be caught, I know,
but in my odd way, I want the butterflies.
Love, love, love,
I don't know what it is, except unrequited.
But I'm free to dream about it,
or to give up of it,
or anything.
I'm free!
I can see it now.
I'm free of the heavy obligations
I engaged myself all my life,
and that's such a relief!
Now I smile,
although being free has its little bitter taste.

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
Being free, I'm lonelier than ever.
Now, I have to deal with this level of conscience,
so I put it in poems.

(Júlio B.)