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Dream Carpenter

I will build my dreams,
I will fix them with pins,
I will draw their skins,
I will construct their themes,
but can you see what it means?
I'm not so hopeless as it seems,
i'm more selfish than I show,
I hide a world you'll never know,
where you could never go.
It's me in the front row,
it's my heart and my soul,
it's my happiness as the goal.
Did you think that I was chasing you?
That you were priority too?
That you were something new?
That I was in your hands so cruel?
Did you really think I'd crawl?
C'mon, it's for myself that I did it all,
it's for my dreams that I climbed this wall,
and if it fails, I'll be there to break my fall.
Did you think I was a ninny-hammer one?
Well, you'll be very welcome if you come,
but if you don't, it's gone, life goes on,
I won't be waiting for you like a stone.
There's no dream in which I work where I'm alone.
I'm a carpenter, baby, it's done.

(Júlio B.)