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From Supposed Paradise To Bloody Hell

It's happening so many insane things around me
that I really don't know what I'm doing here.
I came from a so-called paradise to this boring hell
in less than twelve hours.
But, believe me, it was a long journey.

Supposed paradise at five p.m. is like hell.
Bloody hell at five a.m. is almost a ghost.

Supposed paradise at ten p.m. is a farewell.
Bloody hell at ten a.m. is dust and rust.

Supposed paradise promises and doesn't fulfill.
Bloody hell doesn't promise, aborts it.

It has been so many strange things coming over me
that I don't know in what city I want to live.
If they ask me where I'm going,
I will say, what the hell,
that I am going to America!

(Júlio B.)