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What Cannot Be Fake

It is the kiss,
the lips I'd like to kiss,
the face I'd like to see in the kissing time,
the hardest part to find,
the precious taste I need:
the kiss, the kiss.

Needy, I feel so wishful,
all my body feel desirous.
If it were only a carnal problem,
I could solve it quickly.
But it is the kiss,
the kiss and that hand that runs through the neck up...

It is the kiss I was never able to pretend,
or to comprehend.
I never got an alternative solution, a compensation.
Fake kisses have no good taste.

I was born at the day of the kiss...
And it is so ironic!
I can count years since the last time I kissed somebody truly.

But I stand myself in those romantic beliefs.
I would never date someone just to not be alone.

(Júlio B.)