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Under Construction

Sorry for the inconvenience,
i'm working on improvements of myself.
No, I didn't give up of anything,
of any search,
of any dream.
It's just a little postponement to take a breath,
a moment while I recover from the maintenances
i've been passing through,
i've submitted myself to.
But it doesn't mean that I'm not living at all,
i'm just keeping the best part to the moment I'll be ready.
It has been a time for changes,
on the inside, the outside,
and it weighs a lot over me.
The weight of changing,
of caring,
of trying to be better,
to seem better,
to get better all the time.
I'm not worried because I know there's nobody coming,
but if you're thinking about, sorry for the inconvenience.
There will be donut for you very soon!
A new version of me is under construction,
and I'm going to be much more like me.

(Júlio B.)